Networking Tour

Sailing yachtNetworking Tour is a perfect place to combine business, networking and pleasure.

It is a good chance to meet famous people and communicate with them in an informal atmosphere.

We will work with you to design a bespoke corporate events package.

Whether your function is an awards ceremony, product launch, team-building exercise, executive meeting or holiday party, it will be organized to lead to success!

Whether you want a challenging sailing or prefer a day of leisurely sailing in a relaxed, fun environment, sailing event can be tailored to meet your specific expectations.

We can assist with company incentives, conferences, team building, management training, branding and sponsorship all elements of a successful event.

Whatever you want to achieve from your day, sailing gives the event in a real focus.

Corporate sailing events offer the perfect platform for creating a level playing field, allowing team members to display qualities which remain hidden within the office environment.