Sailing Cruises

Wake up to a new view every day, explore above and under the sea. Adventures await!

Sail La Vie organizes vacation tours, expeditions, introduction to sail tours worldwide all year around. You will have a chance to explore historical places that are not accessible for all inclusive travelers. You will experience the charm and uniqueness of  life in a yacht!

The main goal of our team is to show the whole range of possibilities and advantages of sailing. Our priority is to make each tour to be your unforgettable experience.

We greatly respect the sea as well as its unwritten sailing laws. You will be warmly welcomed as a member of a big friendly family all around the world.

A yacht cruise always brings lots of bright emotions and impressions and time on the cruise flies so fast that one wants to extend moments of happiness and boundless freedom.

We invite you to discover the world, new things and yourself with us!