Exclusive Private Tour

This private tour will reveal the best of ymain-wine-sail-flotilla-amalfi-2015our chosen destination.

You will explore the islands in comfort and privacy without time limitations. This tour is all about setting your own pace and enjoying the stunning nature, turquoise sea, rocky and sandy beaches and high cliffs, as well as enjoying the private program on shore and the best local places along your journey. The skipper will show you all the best beaches and bays and recommend great restaurants. You will create your own itinerary with your skipper, and this tour will be created just for you.

Additional services include advice and assistance in the arrangements of:

  • Land based accommodation including luxury hotels, designer boutiques and beautiful villas for those looking for a mixed shore based and sailing
  • Arrangement of special provisions for dining onboard including luxury hampers, fine wines and spirits
  • Extra special evening meals ashore including reservations at the best restaurants and tavernas
  • Additional activities including scuba diving, water skiing, kite surfing, cycling, walking, yoga and holistic therapies
  • Health and beauty/spa treatments
  • A full-time hostess in addition to a full time skipper to provision for the yacht and prepare meals onboard

Your magical and romantic sailing experience will never be forgotten.