Expedi11107172_1601092890149308_3254824883409040132_ntion is a sailing tour for adventurous and active people of all ages and life experiences. If you enjoy the sailing lifestyle, you would love our living planet and desire to expand your horizons. With a lot of Wow moments you will be in the middle of a unique travel experience from the day you step aboard to the very last minute of the journey.

All members of crew will be engaged actively on board responsibilities and activities to make an unforgettable and inspiring adventure together .You will be part of crew who will create a fun, day and evening entertainment and will prepare delicious meals onboard.

Captain is always happy to involve new crew members with the whole sailing experience. You will be invited to make navigation, raise the sales and steer the yacht.  All while you are free to immerse in the experience at your own pace.

Compared to other sailing trips the Expedition is a unique in an adventurous way.