Recreational Tour

Recreational tour is the best way2pTFID-PsesRTj5mR6bRO0Kk95lg8Hjr0mu64i8UPyQ to relax, sunbathe, swim, and explore new places and new cultures.

Flexible itineraries allow us to organize 3-4 days traveling on shore and then 5-6 days sailing.

There simply is no way to travel and not be awestruck by beauty of different countries, epic history, and dazzling artistic and culinary diversity. You will visit famous historical places as well as unique little places that are not even known to the locals.

Pretty tired after amazing program traveling on shore you will be happy to sail from one island to another, discover hidden sandy coves, witness amazing sunsets and sunrises.

Spending time on a board with a good team of romantic people who are fascinated by the sea will bring you many happy moments.

Whether you dream to cruise or look for a chance to relax a skippered vacation let you enjoy as much or as little sailing you wish.

Recreational Sailing Tour will become your best memories and your new lifestyle.