Mileage Builder Program

Miles! Miles! Miles!

Whether you are working on logging miles to meet pre-requisites for one of our training courses, wanting to get some practice in specific skills, or just want to get the heck out of town for some peace on the water... welcome aboard!

Sometime it is not about moving up a level and accepting a new challenge, it's about getting time at the helm, trimming sails or hoisting the anchor and practicing the topics already explored in your previous course(s).

All mile builders include overnight passages, crossing busy shipping lanes, boat handling, sail trim, navigation, VHF and passage planning experience.

Your instructor will want to understand your skills and experience and what you want to enhance or reinforce.

Many take the opportunity to skipper under supervision, others increase their confidence in boat handling, sail planning and trim and keeping a boat and crew ‘ship-shape’.

Build your experience and confidence whilst you balance learning and enjoying your free time..

Program fee:


• minimum 4 hours in a group of 4: CAD 200+HST

• 2 days sailing: CAD 600+HST

• 5 days sailing: CAD 2000+HST

• 7 days sailing: CAD 2500+HST


• by e-transfer to


10271 Yonge St # 357, 

Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3B5