If you dream it you can do it!



  • Sailing lessons starting from CAD 200
  • Comprehensive list of sailing courses and programs 
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Perfect School Sailing Boat - Hunter 33
  • Certified Sail Canada and RYA Instructors
  • Extensive experience organizing sailing expeditions and flotilla
  • Large charter network 
  • Wide variety of destinations across the World full year around
  • Ontario Sailing and Transport Canada registration


Oleg Nakarikov


  • Certified Sail Canada Instructor  in Basic and Intermediate,  RYA Yachtmaster Ocean .
  • President Sail La Vie Sailing Club
  • Experienced sailor, talented coach, charismatic leader  and successful businessmen.

Jamie Gordon


  • Senior Sail Canada Instructor and Evaluator
  • Excellent teacher in Basic and Intermediate Coastal Navigation, VHF Marine Radio courses.
  • Author   of many sailing programs

Diane Reid



  •  Professional Skipper, Racer and Instructor.
  •  She is RYA Ocean Yachtmaster commercially endorsed.
  • Sail Canada Instructor in Cruising, Racing, VHF  and Navigation and a World Sailing Offshore Personal Survival Instructor 

Sail La Vie League of Captains

Oleg Nakarikov


Flotilla Captain

 Sailing Experience:

More then 15 000 nm, more then 3000 in tidal water, around 5000 nm night sailing, 152 weeks in the Caribbean, Mediterranean  and Adriatic Sea, Atlantic, Indian and Pacific  Ocean.  

" Newer give up! Go to your dream!"

  • President  The Russian Guide Publishing House
  • IQ Battle Founder
  • President Sail La Vie Sailing School  & Club

Stanislav Lishnevsky



Sailing Experience:

900 nm, 11 weeks in the  Caribbean, 

Mediterranean & Adriatic Sea, Atlantic Ocean.

"The sea never gets old!  The sea is a great healer  and they only say in heaven what about the sea!" 

  •  Osteopathic practitioner, Acupuncture Therapist,
  • Somato-Emotional Release Practitioner.  Judo master 5-dan 

Marina Lescheva (Cay)



 Sailing Experience:

More then  9000 nm, more then 500 nm in tidal water, around 800 nm night sailing, 98 weeks in the Caribbean, Mediterranean & Adriatic Sea, Atlantic, Indian and Pacific  Ocean.  

" If you cannot change the Wind - trim the Sails! "

  • CEO Sail La Vie Sailing School & Club
  • Coach
  • Project manager 

Oleg Durmanov



  Sailing Experience:

Around 600 nm, 53 nm night sailing, 4 weeks in the Caribbean Sea & Atlantic Ocean. 

  " Let the sea set you free! "

  •   Enterprise Architect  
  • Certified tennis coach

 Passionate about sailing, avid skier, love tennis  and other things that bring joy into our life. 

What Students Say About Us

Oleg Durmanov (Skipper, Intermediate Cruising) Member of Sail La Vie Captain’s League

I am grateful that I met Oleg who showed me how I could achieve my life long sailing dream.  As an instructor, he demonstrated passion for sailing, professionalism and outstanding leadership qualities as a skipper and teacher.  Thanks to Oleg and his sailing school, I am now confident that I can embark on sailing adventures with my family and friends.  Oleg's teaching approach is a unique combination of learning theory in class and very intense sailing practices that surpass requirements that are necessary to pass certification tests. This also helps in real situations that require quick thinking and actions.  I recommended Sail La Vie School to many of my friends who also have successfully completed their courses.  

Vladimir Byelov (Skipper, Basic Cruising)

Sail La Vie school is a great place to begin your sailing adventure. Their sailboat (Hunter 33) is perfect school playground – not too big and not too small. It provides enough space for several students, so you practice yourself and also learn from other student’s mistakes at the same time. Oleg and Marina are knowledgeable, experienced, patient, strict but fair instructors. Our final practical exam was to save “crew over board” not once, not twice, but three successful times on the row. My son and I were able to gain enough confidence to get our own sailboat soon after graduate – Mirage 25. I am very happy with Sail La Vie and highly recommend this sailing school.

Andrei Sokolski (Skipper, Intermediate Cruising) Senior Surveyor of Lloyd's Register

I have been sailing for over 50 years and have worked in the Marine industry as a shipbuilder and surveyor for over 35. For me, sailing is life in every sense, so Sail La Vie very much appeals to me. I had the pleasure of working with this company in my professional role in surveying a boat for them, providing technical consulting and advice.  

Sail La Vie offers a completely unique client experience when it comes to travel and adventure. Offering unusual travel destinations, luxury service keeping with Marine traditions, attention to travel trends, and building long-term friendships with customers. They are not just in it for the money, but to create a community welcoming of new and seasoned sailors alike. After working with Sail La Vie for over two years, I can confidently say that their sailing school, training, and tours are among the best.

Adnan Khan (Skipper, Basic Cruising) Manager

Sail la Vie is an awesome sailing school in Toronto. I had the honour for being a student to Oleg, Yacht Master and I can safely say, he is one of the best instructors in Canada. I have also had the pleasure to go with Sail La Vie on a chartered trip and it was one of the most fun filled vacation, I ever had. The best thing is that every time, I texted Oleg a question, he responded. 

Thank you Sail la Vie! 

Ekaterina Durmanova (Skipper, Basic Cruising) (University of Waterloo Student)

"Sail La Vie" gave me an opportunity to see the world through the bow of a boat and gave me a different perspective on life. Waking up with the ocean, sun and wildlife right outside gives you amazing memories and gives you relaxation that a hotel could never provide. 

Thank you Sail La Vie for this amazing opportunity."  

Dmitri Lopatine (Skipper / Intermediate Cruising) IT Developer

“Sail La Vie Sailing School program definitely exceeded my expectations. Courses are well structured. Covered subjects are not only interesting but rather motivating and inspiring you to learn much more and then try it on practice. Highly recommend to anyone to endeavor your live-long sailing journey with this school.”

Mariana Todorova (Skipper, Basic Cruising) Executive Director Scuderia Ferrari Toronto

I met Sail la Vie two years ago on my first sailing journey to Granada and the Grenadines, not knowing what to expect I joined them with little fear that is very usual, especially when you sail for the first time. Needless to say, the sailing was simply amazing... In the last two year I did experience the magic of sailing and explore exotic destinations such as South Pacific, Bora Bora, Martinique, Antigua, Brazil, Seychelles, Langkawi, Thailand... with Sail la Vie. I did participate in the Sail la Vie sailing school and thanks to their methodical structured classes I learned how to sail. I look back and the value of my experience with Sail la Vie has been truly priceless. I would recommend Sail la Vie wholeheartedly. You have to go to know...sailing can change your life for better...and even best.

Sergii Chtcherbakov (Skipper, Basic Cruising) IT Professional

Dream yachts, fashionable cruises around the world, vacations on exotic islands - many sailing schools and clubs can offer those services today. Yet there is one that stands apart from many - Sail La Vie, Toronto.

For us it all began a year back when for the first time we opened the door into our first class. Doubts ‘can I do it’, worries ‘would I ever be able to remember this’ - all of it comes and goes guided by steady hand of professional instructors. And soon those dry theory lessons naturally turn into training on water, where all that wisdom on paper becomes a new and practical skill. It is there on the Lake Ontario where the first sense of wind and sound of waves and heeling of the yacht - all of it gets your feelings so high and make your heart race with realization that you have it under control. And what a feeling it is!

After time passes it is then you thank teachers, who became friends for opening  up your eyes to the unknown before world of sailing. It is then you catch your thoughts about craving salty spray and relentless waves and sounds of wind in sails.

After just one year I can say that I have already sailed 600 nautical miles in the Atlantic Ocean and hungrily looking for more adventures. 

Thank you, Sail La Vie!

Galina Chtcherbakova (Skipper, Basic Cruising) Logistics Coordinator

It all started with a dream about being at sea, being free, feeling wind and salt spray ... Then I saw an ad inviting new students to sailing school. I liked the name: Sail La Vie. And I called in and signed up. This step changed my life. I met new people, all of them sea romantics. Instructor Oleg Nakarikov is very charismatic and knowledgeable person. He keeps lessons interesting, both theory and practice on the boat. He also has this rare quality to gather great people around him. After the first course came the second, than third, now I signed up for the fourth. Sail La Vie is not only a school, it’s also pleasure cruises to the most exotic destinations. My husband and I went on one of them - to Seychelles in Indian Ocean - and now we think this is the best way to spend vacations: with group of friends, on the yacht, being free and enjoying every minute of it. Thank you, Sail La Vie!