Sailing at the Lake Simcoe

 Day sailing::                  

  • Introduction to Sailing
  • Sunset Sailing
  •  Pleasure Sailing
  •  Fishing & Sailing
  • Photo shooting 
  • Birthday Party
  • Bridal Party
  • Anniversary Party
  • Corporate Sailing Event
  • Family Sailing
  • Kids Sailing
  • Mileage Builder


Sailing Yacht:  Hunter 33, 2008  


· Minimum hours: 4

· Maximum people: 6·

Price per 4 hours per group of 6 people: CAD 800+HST.

 Each additional hour costs 

CAD 100 per group.

If you join our group: CAD 200+ HST per person

* VIP package is available   

* No Sailing experience needed

Sailing Information

Sail Boat Details

Rates and Payment Procedure

How to be prepared:


 Hunter 33, boat nameWinds of Chance

2 cabins, 8 sleeping places, 1 toilet/shower, microwave, full served kitchen, AC,   

How to be prepared:

Rates and Payment Procedure

How to be prepared:


  • · Please be dressed well for the weather conditions. Keep in mind that during sailing temperature on water feels 10 degrees less compared with temperature on shore.
  • · Layers are best ways to stay warm. That is because each piece of clothing traps a layer of insulating air. And as the temperature or your activity level changes, you can shed a layer at a time until you are comfy again.
  • · Please bring one pair of non-marking sailing shoes (light colored soles).
  • · Be sure to pack sunscreen (with a high enough SPF to protect your skin) and sun-protective clothing as well. Don’t forget sunglasses and swimming suite! 

Rates and Payment Procedure

Rates and Payment Procedure

Rates and Payment Procedure


 Payment procedure:

 non refundable deposit (50% of the full price) paid at least 2 days before the trip and the final payments due aboard.

· Please make your payment in advance by:

  • Check, payable to Sail Lavie Sailing Club Inc (5 business days before the embarkation
  • e-transfer to

Cancellation policy:

Cancellation policy:

Rates and Payment Procedure



  •  Sailing could be canceled or rescheduled according to weather conditions for safety in sole captain decision.
  •  If Sail La Vie has to cancel or delay sailing we will do our best efforts to accommodate you for another time. If the mutual decision could not be made and the traveler decides to interrupt the tour, Sail La Vie will refund full pre-paid amount.
  •  No money will be refunded in case if the traveler decides to cancel the sailing because weather happened to be worse than that the traveler had accepted.Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

Place of Embarkation:

Cancellation policy:

Place of Embarkation:


Lake Simcoe::

• Friday Harbour Resort

• Lagoon City