Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany Coast: Medici Heritage

Italy, as the successor of the Roman Empire and as the centre of the European culture, with its architecture, art, painting, music, fashion and cooking, arouses admiration and desire to get back to Italy again and again. It is here where there are more than 60% of cultural treasures of the world concentrated.

Tuscany always attracted special attention. Before the founder of the Medici dynasty Cosimo I came here and conquered it, the place was a real pirate’s nest, of which we are still reminded by numerous towers and fortresses along the coast. The region of Tuscany boasts the largest marine national park with excellent beaches. The region regularly produces wines, cheeses, hard wheat and other delicacies dear to the heart and stomach of any gourmet.

A unique combination of natural beauty with a magnificent history and culture makes the country attractive for a sailing tour. Interestingly, Italy is the world leader in the number of smaller boats and the largest producer of luxury yachts.Tuscan_map

Sail the sea to discover the island of Elba and the Tuscan Archipelago. Fabulous places like living postcards are there waiting for you. You can meet the dolphins, see the breath of whales, and watch turtles emerge, or majestic swordfish jump.

Get the most out of your holiday bathing in beautiful places, deserted beaches away from the summer crowds. With a simple mask you can admire the beauty of the seabed and breathtaking wrecks


Please note! The Itinerary could be changed, depending on the wind direction

Saturday Day 1. Follonica, Scarlino Marina

Arrival at the Leonardo da Vinci Airport, Fiumicino, Rome.hotel-marina-di-scarlino-yacht-club-residences-follonica-025
Arrival in the harbor, the yacht acceptance, settlement onboard. Cabins distribution is on a first come first serve basis. Followed by an on board safety briefing.
Now that all the necessary issues are addressed we have free time to visit the beach and enjoy local entertainment. The marina is located next to prestigious cottages. In the evening the restaurants and bars at the marina are busy with life. Time to socialize and make new friends at the welcome dinner.

Day 2. Follonica to Elba Porto Azzurro, 19.4 miles

Porto Azzurro, located in the deep inlet of Mola Gulf, is overlooked by the impressive Spanish fort of S. Giacomo on one side and Fort Focardo on the other.Porto Azuro

It has a good tourist port, a pretty town square by the sea (an evening meeting place), and picturesque alleys where there are shops, bars, restaurants, and evening craft stands. In town there is a little beach, with others in the vicinity.

Days 3. Porto Azzurro to Golfo di Barbatoia, 17 miles

A number of options:
Those wishing to can spend the day exploring the island of Elba while the others have the choice of sailing around Elba to our anchorage at Golfo di Barbatoia (Town Fetovaia) north route sailing 37 miles / south route 17 miles

Day 4/5. Barbatoia to Giannutri Island, 52 miles

From the bustling resorts of the Tuscany Coast we move into seclusion of Giannutri Island. This island, shaped as a horseshoe, provides a fine protected anchorage. Virtually fish-market-in-marigot-stmartinuntouched nature along the coastline adds more romance to a night of gentle waves under the starry sky. In the clear water, turtles and dolphins are seen together with swaying colorful underwater growth. Trips to the shore to visit the marble ruins of an ancient Roman villa that once belonged to a wealthy family of local traders could be amazing.

Day 6. Island of Giglio, 12 miles

In Roman times the island was famous for its pink granite. It can be found in the Roman Forum, here and there. The quarry where it was mined still exists. costa-645x385Today, the island hasbecome notorious for the cruise ship Costa Concordia running aground and overturning near Giglio Porto. In 2013, the ship was lifted on floats and towed to the mainland. Presently, the ship does not harm the wonderful coastline any longer, which, in particular, has famous fine pink sand on the beach of Kaldane.

The highest point of the island is located at around 500 m above the seal level. This point offers fantastic views, so the climbing it is worth it. See Villa Ahenobarbus, try Ansonako wine.

Day 7. Scarlino Marina, 35 miles

Return to the home marina, preparing for the flight home.