Sailing School

Why we are different


When you complete Sail la Vie sailing courses, you will receive not just a certificate. You will have hands-on practice and real world experience that gives you the confidence and the skills you need to set off on your own sea adventures.

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School Model


We focus on providing both the “book knowledge” and authentic, practical experience.

Full skills development from basic to advanced level


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Sailing is always full of memories and funny stories. 

 "I wanted freedom, open air and adventure. 

I found it on the sea." - Alaine Gerbault 

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Sailing Courses

Basic Cruising Standard


This is one of the entry level courses approved by Sail Canada on sailing keelboats and on cruising. It develops the sailors’ ability to take command of and operate a sailboat. 

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Basic Coastal Navigation


Course focus to get chart reading, course plotting and passage planning skills required to safely navigate a recreational vessel under 65ft in coastal and inland waters. 

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VHF Marine Radio


Learn how to operate modern VHF radiotelephone equipment

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Intermediate Cruising Standard


To be able to cruise safely in familiar waters as a skipper of a sailing yacht of 9 - 12 meters. The standard emphasizes on-the-water skills at a level acceptable for bareboat chartering for extended cruises in coastal waters. 

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Intermediate Coastal Navigation


 To be able to safely plan and execute a long continuous passage including night sailing in unfamiliar coastal or inland waters, in all conditions of visibility, with or without electronic aids. 

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Celestial Navigation


You will learn the theory of celestial navigation required to safely navigate a vessel offshore. Topics include use of a sextant, principles of celestial navigation and the methods used to determine your position utilizing celestial sightings.

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Sail La Vie Offshore Programs

Introduction to Sailing


 If you’ve never been sailing before, it can seem quite overwhelming. Try our introduction to sailing program, and have our professional instructor show you the ropes 

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Competent Crew


 Competent Crew is an intensive course to teach you the basics of living on and cruising a yacht. By the end of the course you will  taste for what this fantastic cruising lifestyle has to offer! 

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Mileage Builder Program


  We're offering as many opportunities as possible for our students to put some miles under the coaching of RYA YachMaster.   

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Private Lessons


We offer a good opportunity to be focused on your specific needs 

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Class Schedule